Share your experience with cast in bronze.


"I highly appreciated the article on Frank DellaPenna's way of making music. His ideas and artistic struggles with the bells are clearly written down. I remember Frank from the time he studied in France, and from later visits. He is the only carillonneur who had the guts to go his own way in making our instrument more popular with the general public.
We wish him lots of luck."

Jacques Maassen, Director Dutch Carillon School (1984-2005)

"Inspirational, moving, captures the soul. The carillon bells, guided by your brilliance
and passion, were the highlight of my day."

Lynda, Colorado

"Never heard anything as inspiring, beautiful, or uplifting as the carillon."

Paul, Texas

"I've never had any one person’s music make me want to laugh during one song, cry the next, and shout for joy the next. You truly have music for any kind of mood."

David, Texas

"Do the sound frequencies of the bells have healing/soothing powers? Did I have a spiritual awakening of some kind? I feel that my entire life has opened up and I've let go of a lot of negativity. I feel very alive and appreciative of other people."

Alice, NJ

"I selected three of your songs and played them as my own private requiem for my grandmother. It helped me accept my numbness and sorrow, and let them be as they are for the moment. As I write, your music is still the only music I can even bear to listen to."

Sean, Colorado

"Your music takes people to places they never knew existed."

Mike, Texas

"I was unhappy with my life… then I heard your music… that one performance gave me the answers to my problems. There were no words to describe my feelings, your music described it for me. I listened to your music, first the most haunting songs, then the happier ones, by the time I finished the entire two CDs, I no longer felt like the haunting music! It was amazing! And the music wasn’t the half of it! When I saw your performance, moving to the music as if you yourself are flying with the notes of the carillon at the speed of sound, I understood the deepness of music and its effect on people. Thank you for spreading the magic of the carillon and what it means to you, and never ever quit while others haven't heard its haunting sound!"

Tracy, Colorado

"I saw Cast in Bronze in Colorado and was mesmerized by the bells and I bought a CD. I listen to it in my car as the bells keep me from having road rage. It stops the stress of driving and makes me feel at peace inside my heart and soul!"

Tim, Colorado

"I want to say how much I loved your music! My dad was a professional musician, I've heard many professional musicians before, but nothing has ever touched me in the way that your music has… As I listened, I felt as if I were in a trance and was completely mesmerized. There was so much passion and fire it was incredible! I've read your story and you are a true inspiration to those who are privileged to hear and see you perform! Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us all!"

Faith, Pennsylvania

"Every time I hear your music, live or on CD, my mood is lifted, even if I was happy to begin with! I cannot describe your music, so I only say… you cannot possibly be human if you are not moved by his music."

Stacia, Texas

"I can't explain it and it may sound odd, but I had tears in my eyes… I guess because I was experiencing a most wonderful beautiful art. You and your carillon were truly inspiring!"

Matthew, Pennsylvania

"When I listen to your music in my car it relaxes me and relieves my stress… I cannot express how it makes me feel… but I know it is changing me to be a better person than before… it is spiritual to me. Thank you for bringing the carillon into my life."

Laurie, Colorado

"We had the pleasure of witnessing your phenomenal music on your magical traveling carillon… it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes… saw three shows… just wanted to share my feelings on how your music on the carillon has affected me."

Tracy, Texas

"I felt compelled to personally thank you for sharing the wonderful instrument, your music, and your talent with the world. As a musician, I am awe-struck by the purity of the sound of the bells and how masterfully you engage them, as if you've become "one" with the bells. I was brought to tears by your transparently sincere desire to share your rare gift and to inspire others to have the courage to pursue their own dreams."

Johnny, Pennsylvania

"I bought your CD, "Best Day Ever" and love the music! I also love the words you wrote inside… how when you started responding to people's questions of how you were, your response was "Best Day Ever!" Reading how it affected those around you and how that change affected you made me think about my behavior. I was suddenly not so happy with myself. What you wrote changed my life. I started by changing how I talked to people I worked with, and kept going from there. Since then I have been having the best day ever. For that, I thank you deeply."

Rex, Texas

"Keep up the good work you've been doing and take care of that instrument you've been blessed with."

Wayne, Arizona

"Thank you for all that you do to make the world more aware of the bells."

Christine, Arizona

"Something draws me to the carillon and you… your music, played on this most incredible instrument, reaches very deep into me and stirs something spiritual. It cuts through the 21st century claptrap that we endure and addresses the purity that lies within. Those of us who are fans must appreciate our ties to a long-lost past… an other-worldly experience."

Lisa, Arizona

"My daughter and I were intrigued by your performance, but intrigue falls far short of what we've experience. I was moved by the music that you produced from your carillon… this has been the single most unique thing I've experienced in the performing arts. We will strive to see you in person… for as wonderful as your recordings are, your live performance is far more moving… your music is surely a gift. God bless you!"

Richard, Michigan

"I haven't heard a carillon since going to university in 1978, and that one never sent shivers down my spine as yours did. It was nice up in the bell tower, but… Your performance, your music… the hair on the back of my neck stood up! Your music brought me to tears, opened me up, and you can't know how much I've needed that… You and your carillon reminded me how much I've missed. You've also reminded me that it's right there if you care to reach for it again… the miracles are waiting… you touched me. Thank you… I had to let you know that, like ripples in a pond, dropped from a single stone, your miracles are still occurring. Thank you for showing me how to fly again."

Kim, Arizona

"Most unique, most exciting musical sounds and combinations of sounds and rhythm that I have ever heard! It was technically perfect in regards to performance, balance, and creativity; and even the 3 children sat for the whole performance-totally engrossed! I am a musician, and my husband is in the Philadelphia Orchestra. I firmly believe the combination deserves to be heard in broader musical circles."

Nancy, New Jersey

"Your music has bridged a mother's gap with her daughter who had mental illness… then came CAST IN BRONZE! She loved to hear those bells and see the mystery of a man who dared to dream. Your dream had a miracle in it for me! My daughter and I spent time discussing and listening to your music in the car. Her mind would be with me and not in her own little world. March 11th my miracle died… I had to bury my daughter (30 yrs old) near where you play in Bethlehem. When you play now, it has to go to heaven so she can hear. From a very grateful mother, thank you for giving me time with my daughter’s mind in the very little time I had to share with her. I am glad your dream came true to give me a miracle that could break mental illness. God chooses who he uses for miracles… I like his choice."